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Website Development, Social Media Management, And Digital Loyalty Rewards

Connecting With Your Mobile Customers

About Us

Check-In Marketing provides Mobile Friendly Websites and Digital Loyalty Rewards for businesses both small and large.

We design websites around your brand and your business need from the ground up.  If you already have a great website and just need it to be mobile friendly, we will convert your site into a site which looks great and is functional on any device.

We provide Digital Loyalty Rewards and Text Message Marketing to allow you to communicate with your customers in real time. Out Digital Loyalty Rewards is a proven platform and will quickly provide you with a strong and consistent return on your investment for years to come.

Check-In Marketing is based in San Antonio, TX and works with clients throughout the US and Canada.

Mobile Friendly Websites

Did you know 85% of Americans are never more than 3 feet away from their cell phone?  Mobile devices are the fastest growing communication channel in history.  Your customers use their phone for communication, but they also use it for finding information, news, entertainment, directions, and shopping.

Over 50% of all web searches are done on mobile devices and this number grows every year.  If your site isn’t mobile friendly (easy to read and navigate on mobile devices of all sizes) the average person will only spend a few seconds before they leave and search for the next business.

Did you know as of April 2015 Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Yellow Pages and other search engines and directories rank mobile-optimized businesses higher than their competition?  Google actually called it a “significant impact” for non-mobile sites.


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Digital Loyalty Rewards And Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing used to be something only the largest of companies could afford to do.  Now, with new technologies, even the smallest of businesses can use the power of Text Message Marketing.

You now have the ability to instantly communicate with your customers and since these types of marketing messages are read by 97% of people who receive them, you know your message is being heard and you are directing your customers to take action.

Check-In Marketing has several Digital Marketing tools to address your needs. Communicate specials, provide loyalty rewards, send out appointment reminders or surprise your customers with digital coupons the customers can redeem directly on their phone. Even better, your customers then can share their rewards with their friends on Social Media.

Social Media And Online Reputation Management

All business know Social Media can be an important tool to communicate with existing customers while attracting new customers.  It’s a great way to establish your brand and business.  At the same time, Social Media can also be frustrating, confusing and a time drain.

At the same time, your online reputation can take a lot of damage by one bad review from 2 years ago.

Check-In Marketing offers great solutions to allow you to manage your Social Media and Online Reputation on a single platform.  You can spend just a few minutes a week and be all set.  No time?  We are there to help with our full-service Social Media Management programs.


Social Media And Online Reputation Management

Social Media And Online Reputation Management

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